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What led me to this point...

I started this journey in 2012 making things for friends and the ladies from mothers group as it kept me sane through the early baby days. I had learnt how to sew with my grandmother when I was young so bringing the machine out again after soo many years felt soo safe. The comfort it gave me then transformed into a mindfulness excercise. When I am sewing I am 100% focused and clear. This is why I will continue on this journey.

I didn’t even know that these things called pram liners existed until I had my first baby and a very practical sister in-law took me on a trip to the local fabric shop and said “lets make a pram liner!”

From that day forward I have been focused on making and learning and changing the patterns to create the most practical and versatile of custom products on the market today to make the mummas of the worlds lives that little bit easier. Letting my customers lead me down a past of customizing pram liners to all different models of prams, then footmuffs and custom hoods and many different ranges of products.

My main goal is to make these good products even better and easier to use. More practical so liners don’t slip down and footmuffs stay up, and a little more versatile whilst maintaining a stylish product.


"Making mommas of the worlds everyday lives that little bit easier with stylish, practical and versatile products"

Lee-Anne X