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The perfect pram blanket that can't be kicked off.

The Tiny Traveller footmuff attaches to the pram securely so your little one keeps warm on outdoor adventures.

Lined with medium density wadding, this footmuff is the perfect comforter for your pram. With a variety of styles available including weather resistant footmuffs and fleecy lining for extra warmth, there is a practical solution for everyone.       

Each product is personally designed with practicality and versatility in mind and have specific features making them unique to Percy & Paige.

 Practicality- can be easily attached and removed from pram at any time.

Versatility- universal it size and shape so they will fit any model of pram available on the market.

Each Tiny Traveller footmuff is 100% handmade in Australia.


How do they Work??

The Tiny Traveller footmuffs are tailor made with a pocket at the back that has a hole for the crotch strap feeds through.

Once your tiny traveller is sitting snug and the harness straps are secured, the Tiny Traveller footmuff cannot come off.


If you have a belly bar- the top flap can be folded over to help secure the footmuff in place.

If you dont have a belly bar there are also added Velcro straps that can attach to either a belly bar or side frames of the pram.


Because of this unique design they don’t need to be used with a liner however matching liners can be custom made on request.

The Tiny Traveller footmuffs can be used from birth to 3 years of age so you will have plenty of use out of it through the seasons.